Adult Ballet

Ages 18+
Ballet for adults. This class consists of basic barre, adagio, and across the floor combos. Open to all levels! Don’t be shy, we teach basic movement and there’s always the option to step it up with more challenging exercises.

Adv. Contemp. Lyrical

Ages 14+
Learn new and creative choreography

focusing on improving technique, style and

performance quality. If you are

considering auditioning in the future this

class will prepare your mind and body.

Adult Dance combo

Ages 18+
Classes will be a different style rotating

between Heels, Hip Hop, and Jazz. Come dance, sweat and work it with us!

Advanced Technique

Teens and advanced dancers
Dancers will warm up with basic ballet, stretch and strength. Coaches will work through the fundamentals of correct alignment, a proper prep and new techniques to reach dancers potential in their skills.

Intermediate Hip Hop

Ages 12+

Intermediate Hip hop class. This class will focus on body movement,

isolations, hip hop tricks and a fun combo to challenge dancers memory.

POM Combo

Ages 12+

Get ready for your high school

dance team! Learn the basics of pom

and work on adding style into your body

movement with sharp arms. Turns, leaps

and jumps included! 

Turns, Leaps, Tumbling

Ages 10+
Class will begin with focusing on flexibility

using different tools and techniques to

reach dancers goals. We will continue

with basic turn and jump technique in progression to harder skills for

dancers to master.

Check back soon for these added classes!

Due to current health and safety state guidelines, we are unable to offer all classes at this time.


Ages 12+
Ballet will cover barre exercises and across the floor. This ballet class focuses on strength and technique for dance teams.


Contemporary Lyrical

Ages 9-15
Focus on fluidity of movement and style in

this class. New combos every week with continued skill building.

Beginner Hip Hop 

Ages 8-12
Beginner hip hop class focuses on basic body movement, isolations, beginner hip hop tricks and a fun combo!

Heels Class

Ages 18+
Unleash your sass, your fierceness,

and hair flip your way into feeling empowered and confident! Light choreography, more fun and flirty!

New combos and styles every week. Heels optional.

Flex and Stretch

Ages 10+
Flexibility is key to mastering technique in all styles of dance. This class will focus on strengthening, stretching and reaching your flexibility potential.

Strength and Tumbling for Dance

Ages 12+ 
Drills and exercises to improve flexibility, and strength for Acrobatic skills for dance. We will focus on handstands, walkovers, aerials etc


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Note: All drop in classes are $14 per class, or purchase a 10 class card and save 10%

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