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Payment Options for Drop In Classes

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Pay per individual Drop In Class 


10 Class Card for a 10% discount 

Active from purchase date through end of summer. 


1 Month Unlimited Class Pass 

Active for 4 weeks from purchase. Build your own summer schedule, take as many drop in classes during the week as you want! 12 class options (per week) to choose from!


Beg./Int. Turns, Leaps and Tumbling

Ages 8+

Teaching foundational work for Turns, leaps and jumps. Beginning tumbling skills (handstands, bridges, front walk over, back walk over, cartwheels building up to strength for aerials).

Int./Adv. Tumbling for dancers

Ages 12+

To attend this class dancers must be able to perform a handstand, cartwheel, and standing bridge with no spot. Will be working on advanced skills (Aerials, front handspring, back handspring, headstands, head springs, kip up).

Commercial Jazz 

Ages 12+

Combo’s in the style of TV, Film, Concerts and Music videos with Haley Hueslman!

Power for Jumps

Ages 12+

Gain more strength and power for jumps and leaps.

Strength/Conditioning for Injury prevention 

Ages 12+

Strength/Conditioning for Injury prevention.

Across the Floor Combo 

Ages 12+

Short stylized combos with skill work across the floor. 

Perfecting Turns 

Ages 14+

Gain the technique to execute a pirouette or turn in second consistently.

Pom Combo

Ages 14+

Get ready for your high school or College dance team! Learn the basics of pom and work on adding style into your body movement with sharp arms. Turns, leaps and jumps included!

Adult Ballet

Ages 18+

This class consists of basic barre, adagio, and across the floor combos. Open to all levels! Don’t be shy, we teach basic movement and there’s always the option to step it up with more challenging exercises.

Ballet Barre

Ages 12+

Ballet will consist of a full barre and some across the floor. This ballet class focuses on strength and technique for dancers and dance teams.

Musical Theater

Ages 12+

Musical Theater class with Haley Hueslman!

Hip Hop

Ages 12+

Focusing on body movement, isolations, hip hop tricks and a fun combo to challenge dancers memory.

Adult Combo

Ages 18+

Classes will be a different style rotating between Heels, Hip Hop and Jazz. Come dance, sweat and work it with us!

Adv. Contemporary

Ages 14+

Learn new and creative choreography focusing on improving technique, style and performance quality.


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