Our 2019 - 2020 Dance Teams are working hard towards their goals!

Check back for more updates throughout the season!

kids Dance teams

(Fall Sessions- September 3 - March 31)

Teeny Team

Ages 2+3

Accompanied by Adult

Creative learning class for Toddlers

Practice following directions and

other basic class taking skills.

Improv with scarves, ribbon wands, etc.

Boys Team
Ages 6-10

Hip Hop performance group

Work on breaking skills

Practice memorization of routines

Basic tumbling

Master ‘groove’ and style

Gain confidence and make friends!

Tiny Team

Ages 4-6

Continue your creative learning

Begin to master basic ballet positions

Have fun with Musical Theater/Jazz

Basic tumbling begins!

Make friends/Learn to share!

Youth Team
Ages 10-12

Basic jazz, hip hop, pom

Turns, leaps, flexibility

Basic tumbling

Practice memorization of routines

Local performances!

Try new things, find your sassy side!

Mini Team

Ages 6-9

Focus on teamwork and bonding!

Turns, leaps, flexibility

Gain tumbling skills

Ballet, Jazz, Pom,

Musical Theater and Hip Hop!

Junior/Sr Team

Ages 13-18

Travel competition teams

Jazz, Hip hop, Pom Styles

Intermediate to Advanced dancers

Prepare for High School and

College Dance Teams

Boost self esteem

Refine leadership skills

2016 - 2017 Season

Event Results

UDA Battle of the Northeast

South Brunswick, NJ
Results: Youth Pom- 1st Place
Youth Hip Hop- 1st Place

Most crowd appeal award

Reach the Beach, Ocean City Maryland

Results: Youth Pom- 2nd Place

Youth Hip Hop- 5th Place

Open Pom- 1st Place

Open Pom wins bid to World Championship!

Just Dance! - Philadelphia, PA
Results: Youth Pom- 1st Place

Youth Hip Hop- 2nd Place

World Championships!- Orlando, FL

24th in the World!


2017 - 2018 Season

Event Results

Cheer and Dance Extreme- Ocean City, Maryland

Youth Pom- 3rd Place

Youth Hip Hop- 4th Place

Open- 1st Place

Open team wins at large bid to worlds! 


UDA Battle of the Northeast - South Brunswick, NJ

Results: Youth Pom- 1st Place

Youth Hip Hop- 1st Place


Battle At the Capitol - Washington DC

Results: Youth Pom- 2nd Place

Youth Hip Hop- 5th Place

Open- 1st Place​


2018-2019 Season

Event Results 

   Cheer and Dance Extreme- Ocean City, MD

  Open Jazz- 1st Place


   UDA Battle Of the Northeast, South Brunswick, NJ

Junior Pom- 3rd place


   UDA New England Championship

Boys Hip Hop- 1st place

Most Crowd Appeal Award


   Battle At the Capitol, Washington DC

Junior Pom- 3rd Place

Open Jazz- 1st Place


DFU Youth & Open Dance Teams take on Reach The Beach in Ocean City, MD! 

spring showcase classes

(April and May) 

NEW! Spring 2020!

We will prepare for our first ever showcase! Show you're routines to friends and family and learn about taking part in a show. More info to come!

Summer Sessions for Kids!

(July and August)

Summer Sessions for Kids are a great way to keep your dancer moving- even in the off season. Classes offered for ages 2-12 in July and August. Check back in the spring for 2020 dates and class descriptions. Enjoy a few photos from summer sessions 2019.

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