Welcome New Students!

How do I sign up for Dance Fits U?

1. Click on the link “client log in” on any page of the Dance Fits U website on a web browser only. ( ie. Safari, Explorer, Firefox )


2. You will be brought to a page that will prompt you to create an account. 


3. Using your email, please create an account in the dancers name who will be taking class with us. (If you have

more than one child you can create multiple profiles and we can make relationships on our end).


4. Most importantly, please sign the waiver form for all dancers. This must be done before taking class at the studio. 


5. Sign up for the classes you’d like to attend. You are able to purchase online.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find descriptions about your classes? 

Our class descriptions will come up if you click on the class in our calendar. There you will see what ages are appropriate for each class. Click here to see the calendar


2. How do I book a private lesson? 

After signing up as a student, click “appointments” to view our weekly availability. Select a private lesson time that works best for you. Prepay and your all set!


3. What do I wear to class?

Whatever makes you feel comfortable. Leggings, work out tops, socks, jazz shoes or sneakers (depending on what class). Kids classes please follow dress code.  


4. Do I have to sign up for my class before I arrive?

You must sign up for class and pay prior to arrival. Make sure your email is on file in your account, so we can reach you with any class changes/cancellations.