Finding Inner Motivation!

The start of another dance team season is upon us! We find ourselves excited about pulling together for a brand new year of dance. It’s a great time to be around friends, set season goals and begin learning routines! This year should begin with a new commitment from each dancer to be their personal best. We’re breaking down some ideas on finding the inner motivation to attack your goals and to be a strong reliable teammate.

We’ve all had days where you walk into practice feeling unmotivated. Here are some reasons we have heard as to why you might not be doing your best at practice:

-You’re tired.

-You don't know how to do something.

-You don't want to be uncomfortable.

-You don't have enough time.


-You feel that you won’t be good enough.

-You are overwhelmed with other things in life.

Although some of these feelings are real, we need to consciously make the choice every practice to find the positive. The truth is, all of these feelings are within your control! Your initial commitment to join the team and challenging yourself should override any reasoning to keep you from being your best. If you’re tired and have a lot of work to do, remember, time management is a life skill that we all need. Making time for the important things in your life is the key to your success. The best athletes in the world don’t skip a day of training because of fatigue, they prioritize to have a personal life along with a commitment to their craft. A goal is something you start to finish.

Now that you’re ready to be unstoppable towards your goals, let’s start with small steps.

Chase the passion/Find the purpose

Take your passion and make it happen! There are only limits because you tell yourself there are. No use in spending a ton of time, money and hard work on something you don’t 100% enjoy. Although training isn’t always easy, realize the purpose for those lengthy, hard practices where you have to convince yourself to push through. Push on, you can do this!

Speak to your inner competitor

At your toughest practice, imagine yourself on stage or in the middle of your competition routine… You’re starting to lose steam but everything is riding on the line. What would you do? Give up? No! This is the time to get inside yourself and dig deep. Challenge yourself to go further than you ever imagined. You got this!

Surround yourself with greatness

Choose to be around friends who inspire you and will work with you! Learn from others and seek out different experiences/teachers to continuously grow. Positive thoughts = positive outcomes. Every mini “failure” is a step up the ladder to success!

Take a small step

Every little bit counts. Stretching for ten minutes everyday to reach your flexibility goal or doing more of your least favorite exercise. Hold yourself accountable by actually following through with what you say you want to accomplish. Make those small steps GIANT!

Your dreams are within your reach! Go confidently in a positive direction and have a great season!

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