High School Nationals... It's A Wrap!

Wow! Just returned from the UDA High School National Dance Team Championship in Orlando, Florida. There were some truly amazing performances this past weekend! It's remarkable how many dancers, coaches, fans and families are highly invested in this sport. The hours and hours of dedication should be immensely applauded. Congratulations to all the NEW National Champions and to everyone who performed on stage this weekend with their head held high!

We decided to discuss some of the POSITIVE talents that we appreciated this weekend.

There were so many beautiful and dazzling costumes that took the stage! Backstage at finals felt like a trip to rhinestone heaven... it's a dancers dream. The Zsa Zsa pom costumes really stood out under the lights and was a popular choice among the top teams. The preferred color of the year was GREEN. The contrast was displayed beautifully onstage, it looked powerful and complementary on so many. Kudos coaches and costume designers!

The amount of creativity this year was incredible. There were great skill combinations and challenging arms within the routines technique. Top skill of the year: the AERIEL, executed nicely by many dancers and a few FULL team as well. The new music rule has pushed the choreographers and coaches out of a stereotypical zone in the hip hop category and even in the jazz rounds. It is always refreshing to experiment a bit and see originality! Loved the teams that pushed themselves to show the judges something unique.

After this weekend, we feel more at ease about the music changes, extremely well done on the top teams in each division. Teams made choices that still had so much impact and brought back (our love) power jazz-- yay!

Turns and more turns! It was super impressive to watch the large teams attack 30 team member turn sequences. Interesting variety and holy moly quantity! We particularly enjoyed the addition of creative arms throughout. The crowd got behind every team that demonstrated control in difficulty.

Hey double National Champions, would you let us borrow the extra jacket for a little? Just kidding you totally earned it! Being talented in BOTH routines is remarkably impressive and undeniable. What a tribute to how amazing the competition is, every top 5 team gave the champs a run for their money with a minimal point gap! You go new top 5 teams!

As we all get back to our post nationals life... You may now let your mind wander to choosing next years music. Until next year!

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