Hip Hop and Break Dance Master Class! June 20th with Lucile "Frak" Graciano!

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What is a master class? Current industry professionals share their journey, experience and talents with other dancers desiring more training! At Dance Fits U, it is a top priority for us to continue giving our students new challenges and the opportunity to learn from many instructors.

Learn more about our Master:

Lucile “Frak” Graciano started breaking at 12 and quickly established herself in France’s street scene, learning from her mentor and brother Nassir Mokhtari. She was France’s representative at Nike’s “Dance to L.A.” in Amsterdam and has collaborated with Jay-Z, Kid Cudi, Pop Master Fabel, and Lil Jon. She has danced for Samsung, choreographed for Escort, and was recently featured in “Fake Off” season 2 (TruTV) and French Director Maïwenn's latest movie, rewarded at the Cannes Festival, My King (Mon Roi).

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